Finding A Great Attorney

Finding A Great Attorney

3 Tips For Turning Your Business Into A Franchise

Sean Miles

If you already own a successful restaurant or other business, turning it into a franchise may make a lot of financial sense. By franchising your business, you allow other entrepreneurs to buy a franchised branch of your business, following your proven business model and branding. You earn passive income in the form of franchise fees, all while further expanding your brand recognition. If this sounds like the right path for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Find Specialized Legal Advice

The most important step you can take when considering franchising your business is hiring a lawyer who specializes in startup franchise legal services. Your lawyer can help you determine the scalability of your business, as well as the specific legal steps to take in order to protect your business while franchising.

You will need airtight legal contracts between you and any franchisees who decide to invest in your business model. Your lawyer will ensure you are protected from lawsuits if a franchise business happens to fail. In addition, your lawyer will ensure you are legally compliant with all state and federal regulations concerning franchise businesses.

Develop an Operations Manual

Your operations manual is the blueprint for potential franchise investors. Your operations manual should be clear and well-organized, explaining the exact policies and procedures that govern your business and that will govern your franchise operations as well. The operations manual should include everything from how to prepare for an inspection to a clearly defined customer service policy.

Writing an operations manual takes time, but luckily there are many resources online to help guide the process. It is worthwhile to have an operations manual in place before you begin to franchize your business, in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes at your new locations. 

Carefully Screen Your Franchise Investors

Being cautious when it comes to choosing franchise owners is very important, since entrusting your brand in the wrong hands can be disastrous. The ideal franchise owner will have adequate financial resources to invest in the business. They will be passionate about your product or service, but also have a solid idea of the large amount of hard work involved in operating a franchise. Ideally, they will have a solid business operations background, as well as a likable personality that will make it easy for them to attract both customers and staff.

Following these tips as well as the advice of your startup franchise legal services team will allow you to franchise your business in a low-risk, smart manner.

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