Finding A Great Attorney

Finding A Great Attorney

Developing Software: Why You Need A Lawyer

Sean Miles

You are a software developer and you want to excel at your career. You create software for a variety of niches and you want to protect your works so you have the rights to sell the software shortcuts, apps, and other creations that you do.

When you work for other people, they can take credit for the works you do and freely use your software ideas without your knowledge, unless you take legal action to protect your creations, ideas, and future works. You need a business lawyer so you can perform proper software licensing; discover why this important.

You can't sell what you develop

Unless you can prove clear ownership of a software idea, you can't sell your works yourself. You are limited to how much money you can make on a design, which typically goes to the clients you work for. You want to sell your software developments independently so you can make more money and create a business of your own. To do this, you have to have software rights, which vary.

There are software rights for free use, where you sell your software and the buyer can use it as they wish, or you can create more strict rights on the works you do. Your software licensing attorney will help draw up the paperwork for you so your works are bound to you and can only be used as you permit them to be.

You can't claim an idea as your own

Without any proof that you own the rights to a software development or idea in the making, you cannot claim rights to the work. This means all your hard work can potentially be stolen by someone else who has the knowledge of how patents and licenses work and can therefore steal your ideas.

Or worse, you can create a software development plan only to find out the same work has already been licensed by someone else, or a similar idea has already been protected, putting you in the position of having to prove that you haven't stolen works from others. When you hire the right business lawyer to protect your ideas, developments, and future projects, you keep yourself and others in check.

As a software developer, it pays well to invest in a good lawyer to protect you. You can make money off your ideas and licensing will help you further your career. The right lawyer will work with you to keep your career going strong and protect what you spend so much time and money on developing.


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