Finding A Great Attorney

Finding A Great Attorney

Understanding International Trade Law

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Legal requirements govern many domestic interactions between private entities. Likewise, there are laws established to guide the trade that occurs between nations or businesses located in different countries. The governing rules for commerce that occurs internationally are defined by international trade law.

Here is a bit of information about international trade law to help you better understand it.

What Do International Trade Lawyers Do?

Attorneys that specialize in international trade law help develop agreements that cross national borders. They also inform clients of the regulations that must be followed while trading internationally.

Many of these lawyers have completed advanced coursework. Legal educational institutions may even offer advanced degrees that concentrate on international trade law. 

Is International Trade Law Considered State Law or Federal Law?

Only the federal government can create laws that govern international trade. On their own, state governments cannot determine international trade rules. Federal approval is required.

What Branches of Government Are Involved in the Development of Laws That Govern International Trade?

The judicial and legislative branches are involved in the creation of the regulations for international trade. The Secretary of Commerce, a president-appointed official, has oversight over the U.S. government's participation in international trade.

What Is an Example of Trade Law?

One international trade agreement helps to ensure that trade practices are fair by prohibiting trading entities from dramatically reducing prices in a region to force out a competing business or nation.

How Does the World Trade Organization Impact International Trade?

The World Trade Organization is an international entity that produces regulations for trade between nations. The organization, which is located in Switzerland, upholds multiple trade principles. Here are a few of them:

  • Published regulations: Member countries are required to publish their trading regulations and provide information when directly requested.
  • No discrimination: The countries that are members of the World Trade Organization must offer the same trade conditions to all member countries, not discriminating against some and favoring others.
  • Safe trading: If an area is not deemed safe, trade in a region may be restricted.

How Do Tax Laws Affect Trade?

International transactions may be subject to taxation, and different countries often have different tax laws. Attorneys help clients meet the taxation requirements of the countries involved in the trade while avoiding or limiting any repetitious taxes.

To learn more about international trade law and the requirements for your company to trade internationally, schedule a consultation with an international trade attorney in your local area. 


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