Finding A Great Attorney

Finding A Great Attorney

  • Drafting An Effective Non-Compete Agreement

    Intellectual information is a valuable commodity in today's marketplace. Employers are becoming more and more exposed to proprietary processes and information that is essential to the success of a company but could also be detrimental to the company's position in the marketplace if used by a competitor. To avoid having former employees take advantage of the things they learned while in your employ, you need to have an airtight non-compete clause in place for each individual on your payroll.

  • 3 Tips For Turning Your Business Into A Franchise

    If you already own a successful restaurant or other business, turning it into a franchise may make a lot of financial sense. By franchising your business, you allow other entrepreneurs to buy a franchised branch of your business, following your proven business model and branding. You earn passive income in the form of franchise fees, all while further expanding your brand recognition. If this sounds like the right path for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

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Finding A Great Attorney

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